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Capsule Activator for 3M & GC ..
RM150.00 RM135.00
Capsule Applier for 3M, GC & Riva ..
RM150.00 RM130.00
RM59.00 RM57.00
Dental Photography Contrast Type : C-4A and C-4B (unit Price : RM160/pc) C2A and C2B..
RM160.00 RM128.00
Rhodium Photography Mirror ..
RM160.00 RM125.00
With hole design, more breathable and drain off water Size: 85x82x28mm 12pcs/bxs Color: Assorted ..
Normal Price : RM292/pc Model & Detail 2250-1 Occlusal Surfaces (Adult) 2250-2 Occlusal..
RM292.00 RM218.00
Instant Dental X-Ray Film 50pcs (25's/bx x 2bxs)/pack Normal Price : RM175/pack ..
WT-2 Infrared Thermometer Normal Price : RM298/unit Non-Contact Design, Safe and more hygie..
RM298.00 RM198.00
Normal Price : RM135/bx Tape-type and easily sticks on chart and keep the films. Size: 50 ..
Normal Price : RM320/set Colorful X-Ray Film Positioner Set Content :  Aiming rings ..
RM320.00 RM278.00
Box of 3 pcs Disinfection in boil or heat up to 125 c allowed for indicator. Specificaitons:&nbs..
RM158.00 RM115.00
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