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Surgical Materials

Surgical Materials
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Brand : Unik Taiwan Type; Silk Suture 3/0 25yard Silk Suture 4/0 25yard &n..
Brand : Unik Taiwan 36's/bx Type; VC193L Braided Synthetic Absorbable Suture 3/8 Circl..
RM 152/ box  ROEKO Gelatamp Wound treatment Gelatamp is a gelatine sponge for the pr..
RM152.00 RM148.00
Normal Price : RM560/bx of 12's 2 type available; 1. PTFE Suture 75cm 4/0 Cutting Edge 16..
RM560.00 RM485.00
Brand : Unik Taiwan Type; AC165 : Plain Catgut Suture 3/8 Circle Reverse Cutting 16mm ..
RM125.00 RM119.00
Non-Absorbable Suture with Needle (Sterile) Brand : Unik Taiwan Type; SC164L Silk B..
RM155.00 RM149.00
  RM 196/ box   20's per box   ROEKO Surgitip The product family for..
RM196.00 RM189.00
Type : 1. Size 18 :Suture Needle 1/2 circle cutting edge  2. Size 19 :Sutu..
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